Smartphone maker OnePlus is all set to launch its much anticipated OnePlus TV in the Indian market. CEO and founder of the company, Pete Lau has shared multiple teasers about the OnePlus TV to create hype. These teasers include both hardware renders as well as software features. As part of the latest teaser, Lau shared yet another GIF regarding an upcoming software feature. Taking a closer look at the GIF, it looks like it has something to do regarding the volume levels.

OnePlus TV teaser details

As per the original tweet by Pete Lau, the new feature will “automatically adjust the volume” on the OnePlus TV. You may think that this does not make sense as a TV is stationary and volume levels are rather constant. However, the attached GIF provides us with a proper context regarding this feature. As per the GIF, OnePlus TV will automatically lower the volume when you get a call on your device. In addition, the TV will automatically turn the volume back up when the call has concluded. The GIF indicates that the software will turn the volume down to level 10 during calls.

This new teaser comes just hours after Lau shared the first renders for the stand of the OnePlus TV. As previously noted, the stand actually looks quite stylish and sturdy. The stand also looks quite large in the surface area indicating that it will provide a stable base for the 55-inch QOLED panel. Pas reports also showcased that users will be able to easily switch between recent apps using the OnePlus TV companion app for Android.

In addition, the company also teased a seamless syncing feature that converts an Android smartphone into a remote. Users will also be able to quickly type their queries on their Smart TV with the help of their smartphone. The companion app will be able to turn any smartphone in a touchpad and a keyboard for OnePlus TV. The company has also confirmed that the product will run a custom, more optimized version of Android TV.

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