OnePlus is all set to launch its first smart television in the Indian market in the coming weeks. With the expected launch just weeks away, a number of leaks regarding the specifications of the smart TV have surfaced online. In addition to these leaks, OnePlus has revealed some new information about the upcoming product in a new report. According to the report, OnePlus TV will run a modified version of Android TV OS. The company claimed that this modified version of Android TV will be faster and more efficient than the stock version.

OnePlus TV software details

According to a report by India Today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the company is working hard on improving Android TV. Lau stated that the company has made some changes in its version of Android TV. OnePlus also stated that is has focused on offering a premium software experience that is smooth and feature-rich. Lau stated that the company has focused on its philosophy behind Oxygen OS to craft the software for the smart TV. It will be feature-rich, clean, and fast while offering a neat experience.

Lau revealed that making changes to Android TV OS is “more challenging” than making changes on traditional Android. OnePlus has worked with Google to make improvements and optimizations that are likely to be part of the core software. Lau believes that Google will use the improvements done by OnePlus and integrate them into the core Android TV OS. This likely means that OnePlus will possibly help Android TV transform into a faster, and more responsive software.

However, OnePlus is also likely to offer more improvements to its users that will be limited to OnePlus TV. One such feature that Lau highlighted is the seamless integration between smart television and OnePlus smartphones. This means that users will be able to do searches on their OnePlus TV with their OnePlus smartphones.

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