OnePlus showcased a number of new software features that it was working to introduce to OxygenOS in the near future at the launch of its latest flagship smartphones in the market, the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus 7. As part of the showcase during the launch event, the company clarified that these features will be India-centric, only rolling out to OnePlus device owners in the Indian market. Recalling back the features, the company is working on a number of new things including caller identification, Work-Life balance, OnePlus Roaming and a number of other small additions. However, weeks before the launch event, OnePlus invited us to an exclusive briefing to share details about these new features.

As part of the information provided during the briefing, OnePlus revealed that all these features have been developed at its Research and Development center in Hyderabad. The company revealed that it thought long and hard about the additional features and access to services that users wanted in India. Given that OnePlus is one of the most popular brands in the premium segment, let’s recap the details of the features that the company showcased. One thing to note here is that the company noted that these features were not final and they could change before the company releases them for public testing. In addition to this, the company just showcased the screenshots of the features and we have not used them in a real software form. That being said, let’s dive in.

OnePlus Work-Life balance

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Work-Life balance 1

As previously mentioned, OnePlus is working on a number of new features including caller identification, Work-Life balance, OnePlus Roaming, and more. The big one here is the Work-Life balance feature that will (hopefully) help users gain more balance between their life and jobs. According to OnePlus, this feature lets users create work and a life presets for the smartphone where users need to select Work apps and regular Life apps along with work timings to get started.

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Work-Life balance 2

The notification panel will show what mode the user is in and accordingly stop notifications from the other set of apps. The present extends beyond app notifications and even includes Wi-Fi access point, location tracking preference and more. The feature even presents a dashboard with the number of hours spent in the work and life apps.

OnePlus Smart SMS app

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Smart SMS app 1

The company is also working on a Smart SMS app that will automatically group messages in categories to keep the interface clean while maximizing privacy. For instance, the screenshot that OnePlus provided showcased the app hiding all bank OTP messages under one category, all bank transaction related messages in a second category and lumping all the promotional messages in a third category. The company stated that it can identify about 39 categories at the time of writing. The app will also format incoming messages to surface relevant content like highlighting the timing, name, venue, and seat number if a movie ticket confirmation message arrives.

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Smart SMS app 2

Other examples include highlighting the ETA of arrival, the website for tracking in case the user receives a message from a courier. OnePlus showcased different types of messages including bills, banking, courier services, transport, and entertainment. This only left the SMS messages that were sent by family and friends. Given that this is not the Messages app from Google that comes with Pixel or other Android One-powered devices, OnePlus also added the “Copy OTP” and the “Mark read” quick actions to the notifications for incoming messages.

OnePlus Caller identification and OnePlus Roaming

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Caller ID

Caller identification is the next big feature that the company is planning to bring of OxygenOS for OnePlus devices in India. This feature is as straight forward as it sounds informing users if they are receiving a spam call. For unidentified numbers, the feature seems to provide a tag functionality asking users to flag the number after the call and it will be integrated into the system dialler. This is similar to how Truecaller works but it is integrated on system level. OnePlus Roaming is the next feature which allows an international traveler to quickly and easily purchase local data packs for the country that they just arrived in or plan to travel to next.

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Roaming

OnePlus Cricket Scores and roll out details

OnePlus OxygenOS India features Cricket Scores

Last feature that OnePlus showed was “Cricket Scores” that will be integrated into the OnePlus Shelf. This feature will provide updates on the cricket scores with the help of ESPNcricinfo. The company revealed that the Cricket Scores feature is expected to roll out this month while rest of the features will roll out as part of an Open Beta in June. Given that OnePlus 7 Series just launched and the briefing happened just before the launch event, one can assume that these features will come with the OnePlus 7 series

However, the Open Beta part makes us think that OnePlus will first roll it out to the existing OnePlus 6 and 6T devices (unless it opens the Open Beta program for OnePlus 7 series almost immediately after the launch.) Regardless, the company is expected to roll these new features to its OnePlus 7 series, OnePlus 6, 6T, 5, and 5T devices in the future.

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