Opera for Chromebooks is the world’s first alternative browser optimised for Chrome OS

Opera Software has launched Opera for Chromebooks. This is the “world’s first alternative browser optimised for Chrome OS.” The browser comes with multiple features like an unlimited no-log browser VPN, ad blocker, cookie dialogue blocker and colour themes. Apart from these features, the browser comes with WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger integration.

The company claims that Opera for Chromebooks has been built on the Opera Browser for Android with custom optimisations. This will help make the browsing experience “smooth and joyful.” It states that the Opera for Chromebook is eye-friendly, and comes with features like a special night mode that protects users from blue light glare. The company also encourages binge-watching shows and videos as well as late-night reading or studying.

The web browser also comes with advanced GDPR cookie blocking options integrated inside of the browser, which help eliminate annoying pop-ups and dialogue boxes.

For crypto investors, the new browser also comes with an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet. Other features the web browser brings in include five colour themes in both light and dark modes.

Opera for Chromebooks users can synchronise the web browser with Opera browsers on other devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS, using the Flow feature, which allows users to sync and share notes, images, files, and links by simply scanning a QR code.

Opera Browser for Chromebooks is an enhanced and optimized version of the Android app. The company has tweaked the app to ensure that those using it on Chrome OS have a familiar experience.

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