Oppo could soon rival Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola in the foldable smartphone space as early as next year. Oppo’s global vice president, Liu Chang recently revealed some info about Oppo foldable phone at the global Inno Day 2019 Conference in Shenzhen, China earlier this week. Inno Day (short form of innovation), is an annual conference where the company showcases its latest technological advancement and innovation.

Oppo foldable phone OS details revealed

According to Oppo global VP, Liu Chang’s statement during the conference, the Oppo foldable smartphone will have an operating system that will adapt to the state of the screen (folded or extended), without any cutting in between various modes of use. The Oppo foldable phone is currently under research and development department. It is expected to debut next year when it’s ready to meet consumer standards.

Oppo global VP, Liu Chang also stated that it plans to make the upcoming Oppo foldable phone more lasting and durable. Since this is one of the major factors that is making many users resist from buying the foldable phones in the market.

Pop-up selfie camera and more

As per previous reports, Oppo had filed a patent for a foldable smartphone in the market. Oppo added a pop-up selfie camera to the foldable device to get rid of the bezels. The addition of the pop-up selfie camera will add more moving parts to the foldable smartphone from Oppo. However, if that works out fine like most pop-up mechanism smartphones, the industry may adapt to the design. According to the patent information, Oppo has not named this design a specific thing.

The render of the design also indicated that the front will sport narrow bezels for a tablet-like form factor. However, this new form factor will not have as thin as bezel as we see in flagship smartphones now. This is because the foldable smartphone form factor requires a lot of new hardware components and compromises.

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