Oppo is known for some of its very quirky smartphone designs and the Chinese smartphone maker is not looking to take camera designs up a notch. According to LetsGoDigital, Oppo has filed a patent for a smartphone with prisms in the pop-up camera.

Having said that, the company launched a periscope pop-up camera with the Oppo Find X2 back in 2018 and is looking to venture into prism-based camera designs. The company also showed off a rollable concept phone recently.

Oppo smartphone with moving mirrors!

Yes, the prism camera system means that the pop-up camera will come with a mirror in the module. The LetsGoDigital leak shows the Oppo’s patent for a phone sports a rather unique pop-up camera design. The patent was posted by the World Intellectual Property Office in October 2020 shows a dual camera pop-up housing.

Oppo Prism Camera

This wouldn’t be a new design as the Vivo V17 Pro has already been seen with a similar architecture.

A closer look at the patent shows that there are no camera sensors in the pop-up housing rather the two sensors are inside the smartphone body facing upwards and the pop-up module possibly contains mirrors to help reflect the image onto the sensor.

How would the prism camera work?

The render hints that the pop-up housing in the Oppo phone has a set of moving prisms inside it (one above the other) that are able to point forwards and backwards. Seemingly, you will be able to use the same camera module for selfies and the primary camera. The renders also suggest that there would be an ultra-wide and a primary camera in the module.

LetsGoDigital also suggests that the smartphone will be able to let users take 360-degree photos easily. The patent also moots other ways users will be able to operate that mechanism, such as a button on the side that will help switch between the standard and selfie mode.

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