Oppo isn’t just going to produce innovative smartphones, the company is planning smartwatches, smart home products and smart headphones for 2019. In an interview with Qualcomm China, Oppo‘s CEO, Chen Mingyong talked about company’s plans for 2019. He suggested ‘they will take the lead in targeting smartwatches and smart headphones’ to explore the 5G+ era this year.

Oppo launched first-of-its-kind smartphone Oppo Find X last year, and Chen reconfirmed that there will be successor very soon. We can expect the phone to be launched within the first half of 2019, and it would incorporate the latest Snapdragon 855 processor.

On being asked if Oppo is going to stick to only mobile phones, Chen said (via Dailyhunt) “The 5G+ era is not just the Internet of Everything, but also the integration of all things. The deep integration of 5G with AI, AR and other technologies will lead to new hardware, new connections and new services. At the beginning of this year, Oppo officially established the emerging mobile terminal business unit to explore new entrances in the 5G+ era. Based on the user’s high frequency and cross-scenario usage, we will take the lead in targeting smartwatches and smart headphones to create the next entry-level product.”

Watch Video : Oppo Find X First Look

Talking about the Oppo’s history and current market position, Chen also said that Oppo provides technology products and services to more than 250 million users in more than 40 countries. When it comes to 5G+ era, while the smartphones will remain the core, the company will also explore an open IoT (Internet of Things) platform, and has started building upon. It’ll work with partners and developers to create IoT products and services in 2019.

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