Oppo is a brand that regularly looks to innovate with its smartphones. We saw one of the first phone cameras with periscope lens from the company. And now, reports suggest they could be the first to launch phones with Li-Fi technology. Oppo has reportedly got patent for a phone that supports the light-centric internet connectivity. For those who’re not aware, Li-Fi is basic of light via modules to provide internet connectivity for devices.

This technology has existed for many years now, but no one has truly worked out its potential in the space. And it seems Oppo is looking to giving it a shot. The patent for phone, spotted by LetsGoDigital, shows us the possible placement of the Li-Fi module.


Unlike Wi-Fi modem, these are put on the outside. Li-Fi basically needs strong light source to transmit data via light. Which is why it is considered to be safer than Wi-Fi. Having said that, internet through Li-Fi is ineffective when the light strength is low.

In addition to that, Li-Fi will find it hard to breach the walls, limiting its connectivity range to a single room. Since Li-Fi never became mainstream, the use of technology and its cost hasn’t come down over the years. So, we’re hoping the patent filed by Oppo is not just for testing purpose, and we see a final product in the years to come that support Li-Fi.

In India, the Ministry of Electronic and IT had tested LiFi (Light Fidelity) in 2018. This technology uses LED bulbs and light spectrum to communicate at speeds as high as 10GB per second in a radius of 1 km per hour. This idea came up to connect the difficult areas of the country, which cannot reach the fiber, although there are electricity in these areas.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro gets new price in India

Oppo Reno 3 Pro has got a price cut in India this week. The company is offering the 8GB + 128GB variant at Rs 27,990 for buyers. The phone launched earlier this year came with a price tag of Rs 29,990. In addition to this, the 8GB + 256GB is now available at Rs 29,990. It is likely the price cuts have been issued with the availability of the Reno 4 Pro in the market.

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