Oppo is planning to launch its latest smartphone series, the Oppo Reno, in the Indian market on May 28. As part of the lineup is likely to be the mid-range Oppo Reno, and the top-of-the-line Oppo Reno 10X Zoom. Considering that Oppo has already launched the series in other markets, we already know the specifications of both the devices. The highlight of the device is the unique Shark-fin rising camera on the front, which sets it apart from the rest of the pop-up cameras in the market. While we wait for the launch in India, we got a chance to use the mid-range Oppo Reno and here are my first impressions.

That Shark-fin rising camera on the Oppo Reno

Let’s start with the feature that most people will notice when they look at the Oppo Reno. Yes, we are talking about the front camera, which Oppo calls Shark-fin rising camera. It almost feels like a separate phone unfolded itself from inside the Oppo Reno. To visualize, it feels like you are holding two playing cards in a stack and in a deliberate attempt wanted to see the other card you are holding below the one on the top.

The sliding action is smooth and quite minimal than the normal pop-up camera setups that we have seen in the past Oppo and Vivo phones along with the Flip-up camera mechanism that Asus showcased in its Asus Zenfone 6. In fact, I can probably get away by saying that this camera unfolding action is far more natural feeling than the rest of the mechanisms. This design will also force accessory makers to redesign the smartphone cases for the Oppo Reno series.

Oppo Reno and its impressive design

The second thing that one may notice once they get over the sliding pop-up selfie camera is the somewhat minimal design that Oppo has opted for. The Oppo Reno sports rounded corners, no bezel in the front, thin bezels which a slight chin at the bottom, and a curved glass back with the matte-like finish. This does not mean that the glass back will not catch any marks, but it sure will be far less noticeable.

To ensure the sophisticated look, the dual camera setup on the back in under the glass. In addition to that, one can also see a vertical strip running on the back of the device just below the rear camera setup in vertical alignment with “Oppo” branding and the “Designed by Oppo” tagline. The volume buttons are present on the left side and the power button is located on the right side along with the huge impression on the top, the space that is needed for the folding-up camera to work properly.

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First impressions

Even though we did not get sufficient time to test the device in any manner that could be termed proper, it was enough for me to draw a rough picture of the Oppo Reno. In a world where smartphone makers are moving towards making pop-up selfie cameras the norm (including new additions like OnePlus and Realme), it is great to see a smartphone maker that is trying to reinvent the wheel. Even though this is all done to ensure that there are no notches of any kind on the display. Overall, the camera worked fine and the overall package is both inspiring as well as neat. However, we will reserve our final judgment about the Oppo Reno for our full review.

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