Smartphone makers are racing to become the first to launch a smartphone with in-display camera solution. After experimenting with notches, pop-up selfie cameras and hole punch display design, smartphone makers have identified putting camera under the display as the ideal solution for creating a full screen smartphone. Huawei, Samsung are already working on such a solution while Xiaomi has received patent for enabling camera under the display. But, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo could beat its rivals and launch a smartphone with selfie camera placed under the display.

Oppo is no stranger to firsts in the smartphone world. It was the first to launch a smartphone with swivel camera mechanism. It was the first to demonstrate 5x zoom using periscope camera on a smartphone and at MWC 2019, the company became the first to show 10x lossless zoom on a smartphone. Now, it could add another first to its kitty by becoming the first smartphone maker to launch a mobile device that has the selfie camera placed inside the main display of the smartphone. RIP Notch, Pop-up Selfie Camera, Mechanical Camera and Flip Camera.

In a tweet early this morning, Oppo is showing an upcoming smartphone protected by a case, that has an in-display camera solution. The 15 second video posted by the company shows only the top half of the device with the display showing standard wallpapers and it immediately gets interesting. We can see someone bring up an application tray and trigger the camera which loads directly into the selfie experience. However, there is no selfie camera to be seen at the top side of the device.

The viewfinder, when the selfie camera is activated, gives away some more details. As soon as the selfie camera is activated, there is a prominent black bar at the top side, which could be the area underneath which the selfie camera could be placed by the company. How the camera sees through the display remains unknown but it does manage to snap a picture of a surface in its view. The video is accompanied by the caption “You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera technology.”

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The pace of innovation shown by smartphone makers has been breathtaking with companies improving imaging experience and performance at a pace never seen before in this industry. Smartphone makers have evolved their designs and upgraded hardware in their quest to make a truly full screen device. The only hurdle has been the selfie camera and this teaser shows that Oppo has found a way to put it under the display just like the fingerprint sensor that comes embedded under the display too. We will know more about the technology and how Oppo is implementing it in the coming months.

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