Oppo is lately investing more into smartphone camera tech. After unveiling a camera lab in India, Oppo debuted three big camera hardware innovations at its “Future Imaging Technology Launch Event.” Keeping the name aside, the three technologies Oppo showcased could bring about some meaningful improvements for smartphone photographers.

Oppo has not given a definite date for any of these technologies to debut on a smartphone. Hence, there are chances that you may have to wait for a year or more to see these in reality. The first one is all about the zoom camera, an area which has seen fewer developments in the last few years. Oppo has used periscope zoom cameras on its flagships so far but this one aims to improve the consistency.

Continuous Optical Zoom

Oppo Optical zoom

Although the name may not be suggestive, this telephoto camera tech aims to use a single image sensor to achieve multiple focal lengths. So far. A telephoto camera with a periscope lens arrangement needs another sensor, which results in colour irregularities and quality degradation.

The Continuous Optical Zoom tech uses a moving lens element ahead of the main image sensor. The zoom range is claimed to be between 85mm to 200mm, which should provide for zoom levels you get with a base DSLR camera. Oppo says there won’t be any need for digital cropping or sharpening, and images across all focal lengths will have consistent colours and white balance.

5-axis OIS

Oppo 5 axis OIS

This is essentially a mildly improved version of several OIS systems we have seen in smartphones. Oppo’s arrangement uses lens-shift, sensor-shift, and data from the phone’s gyroscope to improve stability. This promises up to three times more stability when compared to the conventional OIS systems. Oppo says that you can expect to see this technology in smartphones early next year (possibly the next Find X flagship).

RGBW sub-pixel layout

OPPO RGBW Sensor 2021

With the new RGBW layout, Oppo claims it has managed to improve light sensitivity performance by up to 60 per cent. The technology should make its debut on Oppo phones by the end of 2021. The company says it has managed to overcome the manufacturing difficulties with improved algorithms and better manufacturing process.

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