Oppo’s upcoming smartphone might feature a sliding selfie camera

Smartphone cameras have evolved tremendously over the past few years. From motorised front camera, periscope-based system to punch-hole camera in the display, smartphone manufacturers have tried several experiments to grab the attention of its fan-base. But when it comes to weird camera design, the Chinese OEM Oppo has always managed to take the first spot.

As per the latest LetsGoDigital report, the smartphone manufacturer is yet again planning to bring a strange camera design. Oppo has filed a patent at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) for an upcoming smartphone with a sliding sideway camera setup. As seen on the clip shared by LetsGoDigital, the camera is placed at the top bezel and it is sliding from one end to the other.

Reports indicate that Oppo has used a guide block which is placed inside a rail bracket to move the camera sideways. Apparently, the idea behind this sliding camera is to take images from varied angles. Apparently, a tiny motor will be used to carry the function, and the movement will occur when the selfie camera is opened via the dedicated app.

The functionality will likely enable capturing various compositions, recreate 3D image, and panorama selfies without moving the smartphone.

Other than the sliding sideways camera setup, there aren’t any information shared about the upcoming smartphone. To recall, Oppo filled a patent earlier this month that showed a pop-up camera with reflective mirror. As per the patent, the company is working on a device with a unique pop-up design.

The patent shows a pop-up design sitting flush and cameras facing up. The mirrors are kept perpendicularly enabling them use either as selfie or rear camera. To enable the functionality, Oppo is said to use a button on the side. Pressing the button once will pop up the front camera while pressing it twice will point it on the rear side.

Although these concepts look appealing, it is nothing bizarre given Oppo has provided many a strange moving cameras on their phones, be it the Find X slider or the Reno 10x zoom that came with a shark-fin shaped pop-up camera module.

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