Xiaomi has just announced that the number of devices running its in-house voice assistant XiaoAI has crossed the 100 million mark. The bit of information was revealed by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun on Weibo. Jun went on the state that this information was initially revealed by Dr. Cui Baoqin, the Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Platform at Xiaomi. One thing to note is that the devices here include all the devices running the digital voice assistant including smartphones, smart speakers, and even smart home products.

This information was initially spotted by GizmoChina while hinting at the strong position that Xiaomi currently commands in the Chinese market. The company launched XiaoAI back in April last year along with Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s, and it has crossed the 100 million device marker in less than one year. The likely reason for this growth is because of the deep integration of XiaoAI in a majority of Xiaomi smart products. Another likely reason is that other voice assistants including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri do not come with support for the Chinese language.

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The report went on to add that XiaoAI is “remarkably similar” to how Google Assistant functions. This similarity extends to the user interface between the two voice assistants including the colorful bars that users see while interacting with the voice assistant. In terms of the performance, it will perform almost all the functions that Google Assistant can perform.

The reports also come with a number of stats about XiaoAI including the number of alarm clocks, the number of household work and the number of hours the assistant played music for its users in a single day in Taiwan. For some context, it wakes up more than 853,000 users every day, does 800,000 house-hold chores, and plays 1,354,221 hours of music.

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