The popularity of video game Minecraft has been growing, with Microsoft announcing that over 112 million people play it a month. It’s 20 million increase over the figures reported in October 2018. Minecraft was acquired by tech giant Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion. Given that the game is available on almost all platform, it’s no surprise that number of players keeps growing, Windows Central reported on Saturday. Often touted as virtual LEGO, the game is about fitting pieces together to create something amazing. The game is essentially a blank canvas and provides endless building blocks.

But post-launch support and the ability of users to create content, even campaigns, are considered reasons behind its success. Hopefully, the title will continue to flourish and reach even greater heights, the report said. Nintendo last years was in a throwback mode and introduced the 2DS XL. This does more than just reminisce the 3DS console but also provide free reign to games like Zelda Link Shield version. And Nintendo’s newly launched three new 2DS LL versions of the device seem to follow this principle even more.

The first among these was a Minecraft game called the Creeper Edition which is named after a common enemy in the game that has a habit of exploding. This looks really cool with the boxy design of the face of the character as the shell. It comes with the Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition out of the box. The other two versions include the themes of Dobashi Animal Crossing Amiibo + and the Mario Kart 7 pack. These come pre-installed with the Animal Crossing Amiibo + and is textured as a leaf body with the name engraved on it. The other comes with Mario Kart 7 and has the texture of a kart tire and a Mario-red border.

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