Security risks seem to be climbing the ladder with pace. More than 55 percent of applications on Windows PCs are outdated, probably putting users personal data at a security risk. According to a report by security company Avast, users are not implementing security patches offered by vendors and are keeping outdated versions of popular applications.

On the basis of anonymized and aggregated data from 163 million devices across the globe, the report highlighted that “almost one in six (15 percent) of all Windows 7 users and one in ten (9 percent) of all Windows 10 users worldwide are running older and no longer supported versions of their product.” In addition, programs that were found most frequently out-of-date are Adobe Shockwave, VLC Media Player, Skype, Java Runtime Environment, and 7-Zip Filemanager.

“Most of us replace our smartphone regularly, but the same cannot be said for our PCs. With the average age of a PC now reaching six years old, we need to be doing more to ensure our devices are not putting us at unnecessary risk,” said Ondrej Vlcek, President, Avast. “With the right amount of care, such as cleaning our hardware’s insides using cleaners, optimization and security products, PCs will be safe and reliable for even longer.”

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Additionally, 15 percent of PC users still use Windows 7 even though they don’t receive security updates and millions of users are also running outdated versions of Windows 10 as well. Therefore, users are advised to always update their PCs system and software as that will help protect the personal data from cyber attacks and offer a better experience.

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