PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a phenomenon, and it became one of the most popular games last year. Its mobile version called PUBG Mobile too has garnered a huge player base since its launch in March last year. PUBG has reached a point of popularity where it has become a part 0f daily conversations between friends, colleagues and fellow students. It’s simple mechanics and engaging team aspect has made it into a game over which team mates can effectively bond over.

Even when the casual gaming scene of PUBG is growing, a professional one has been born as well and we have seen official tournaments of the PC as well as the mobile version of the game being held on an international scale. Some may even call it the biggest phenomenon to hit the world in the year 2018.

Now, according to a new research done by Internet service provider Jana for QuartzPUBG has qualified to be called the most popular online battle game of 2018. PUBG is most popular on smartphones in India as most people prefer playing on this platform. The ratio is extremely skewed when it comes to the platforms and smartphones rule this segment with a 73.4 percent majority followed by 5.6 percent on PC and a meager 1.1 percent on consoles. It has outdone its major competitors and achieved vote of 61.9 percent of 1,047 Indian respondents to become the most preferred online mobile game.

According to the research 24.3 percent people play the game for eight hours or more in a week, followed by 19.4 percent playing it for only two to four hours and 16.3 percent playing it for four to eight hours. The most popular time to play PUBG in India seems to be night.

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But the popularity has come at a cost. PUBG recently earned a bad rep with the government institutions of the country and has been banned from schools in Gujarat and organizations from other states have also expressed their views against it.

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