OnePlus announced to further strengthen its collaboration with Oppo on Friday. The company took to its official forum to announce integration of the codebase of OxygenOS and ColorOS.

OnePlus noted on its official forum, “after a lot of evaluation and discussion, we’ve come up with a solid plan to best leverage our shared resources with OPPO. In order to improve efficiency and standardize the software experience across our portfolio, we’re working on integrating the codebase of OxygenOS and ColorOS.”

So, does this mean future OnePlus phones will run on Oppo’s ColorOS? The company clarifies that users will not even notice this change “since it’s happening behind the scenes.”

“We now have a larger and even more capable team of developers, more advanced R&D resources, and a more streamlined development process all coming together to improve the OxygenOS experience,” OnePlus stated in the forum.

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The company further said that “OxygenOS remains the OS for global OnePlus users as always, but now built on a more stable and stronger platform. This will apply to new devices in the future, while for existing devices that are still within the maintenance schedule, it will occur via an OTA update along with Android 12.”

Update for OnePlus 8, 8T, Nord, Nord CE, more

OnePlus also announced an improved software maintenance schedule for the lifecycle of some of the popular smartphones including the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus Nord and Nord CE, among others.

The company confirmed that the OnePlus 8 series and newer devices will receive 3 major Android updates and 4 years of security updates. The OnePlus Nord and newer Nord / Nord CE devices will receive 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security updates.

OnePlus also revealed that “flagship devices released prior to the OnePlus 8 series will follow the previous schedule of 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security updates.”

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