Pakistan blocks dating apps after giving final warning to TikTok

The Government of Pakistan has blocked popular dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and few others. These apps have been accused of not adhering to the local laws and sharing indecent content on the internet. In fact, the Ministry has also sent out notices to these companies. Asking them to remove dating services and live streaming from the apps.

This action was forced on these apps because, according to Pakistan laws, homosexuality and extra-marital relationships are illegal. However, after failing to hear back from these platforms in the given time, the government had no choice but to block its availability for the users in the country.

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And including these dating apps, the country’s regime had also issued a final notice to TikTok. The short video platform was asked to remove indecent content. Which is the reason, Bigo Live was blocked for over a week earlier this year.

Digital critics have alleged that the Pakistan government is using new legislation to restrict freedom of expression on the internet. That’s not all, they are also claiming the Government is taking down content that criticizes the government or the country’s military. It’ll be intriguing to see if they end up taking strict action against all these platforms. This includes YouTube as well.

Pakistan bans PUBG for being addictive

A few months back, the Pakistan government has decided to ban PUBG Mobile along with the other versions. Though from the reasons shared by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, this has nothing to do with anti-China sentiment. According to their statement, PUBG is addictive as well as a waste of time for children.

The government had received several complaints from a different section of society. And all of them believe the game has a harmful effect on player health. PTA apparently sought feedback about PUBG by July 10, after which it will decide if the ban stays in place.

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