Phone heating up often? 5 tips to save smartphone from overheating

Smartphone has become an essential part of our daily life. From making a call, sending mail, browse the internet, or make a digital payment, we are now dependent on our smartphones. Many times, the use of the smartphone becomes so much that it starts to overheat. However, the use of heavy graphics and applications is one of the main reasons for smartphone overheating.

As we all know, due to overheating of the phone, the battery can also explode. In some cases, the phone’s communication unit and the camera also cause heat, but it is much less than the battery. The heating of the phone not only makes it challenging to use but also spoils its performance. This problem occurs due to downloading excessive applications, games, or other software on the phone.

Don’t charge your smartphone to full

Do not charge your phone to full charge, i.e., 100%. Try to keep 90 percent or less battery in the phone. Also, do not let the phone battery go below 20 percent. Charging too many times causes overheating, and too low power affects battery health. You can charge your phone 2-3 times a day.

Use phone cover

Mobile covers have also become a significant reason for overheating of the smartphone. The effect of strong sunlight and a hot environment also affects the mobile. Just as heat is captured in a closed, parked car, mobile covers also trap the heat inside and hinder the phone’s cooling. It is necessary to remove the phone cover from time to time, and if not in use, keep the smartphone under the fan.

Close background apps

If you are not working on any apps, it is recommended to close them from the background. If you do not maintain this, these apps will continue to work in the background, and the phone will heat up. Select Force Stop on the app icon to close the apps you are not using. Run them occasionally instead of daily.

Change phone settings

Lower the brightness of your screen as much as possible because it makes the display difficult to see. Decreasing brightness uses less battery, making the device less hot. If your phone has adaptive brightness, it automatically changes it to maximum brightness if you are outside.

Use original charger and USB

After the charger and USB get broken or damaged, most of us think, why waste money on the original and charge your smartphone from a duplicate charger or USB. But charging your smartphone from a duplicate or cheap charger can lead to smartphone overheating. There is a risk of slow charging and battery damage to the explosion.

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