Photo Map is a new Android app created by an Android developer to help Google Photos users sort their photos in an easier way. According to a report, this app will automatically take all the photos that are present of Google Photos app and then put them on the map. This makes it easier for users to see all the places that they have visited and the vacations that they have taken in the past. This makes it easier for users to segregate the photos that are present on Google Photos according to the location and it is especially helpful if remember the place the image was taken at.

It is worth noting that this app is only useful for photos that have location data embedded inside and won’t work with photos without any location data. According to the report by XDA developers, the app with the name “Photo Map for Google Photos” was created by Dennyw, a member of the XDA forum. The report notes that this is similar to the Timeline feature that Google has introduced but this app is only concerned about the photos.

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The report notes that Google Photos do create automated albums depending on the location but they are still not as expansive as the solution provided by this app. In addition to mapping the images on the actual map, the app also allows users to perform actions on the images including viewing them, deleting, and sharing. Users can also search for images with the help of date and file name inside the app.

According to the report, the app also allows users to switch between different modes of the map including Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrian. It is worth noting that the app makes use of the Google Drive sync to get access to the location data in the images. The reason for this is because the Google Photos API does not give access to the embedded location of the photos. Though, all of this will function on the assumption that you have shot your images with the “location tag” on.

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