We have long talked about a Google Pixel 5A launching in a few months this year. Sadly, there’s bad news on that front. The Pixel 5A, according to a popular tipster, has been cancelled for 2021. The reason for the cancellation is cited to be the infamous global ship shortage that’ affecting several other electronic appliance launches. Meanwhile, Google will continue selling the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G in 2021.

The information comes courtesy of Jon Prosser, the reliable tipster who has had a solid track record with Google-related leaks. Prosser says that the Pixel 5A, codenamed barbet, won’t be formulated due to the chip supply shortage. The company will continue to sell the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G as its affordable offerings in the smartphone market. Prosser mentions nothing about the Pixel 5, however.

Google Pixel 5A cancelled for 2021

Leaks had so far suggested a modest upgrade in the Pixel 5A over the Pixel 4a from 2020. The basic design and features were said to remain the same but Google was expected to upgrade the display as well as the fingerprint sensor. The chipset was also expected to be upgraded but no concrete information about that was shared.

Google Pixel 5a

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With the lack of a 5G tag, it seemed that Google would have settled for a minor update to the Pixel 4a with the Pixel 5A. A Snapdragon 700 series 4G chip could have been assigned for duty while the improvements could have come to the cameras. The addition of an ultra-wide camera is expected to be a part of the successor to the Pixel 4a.

It seems that the global chip shortage hasn’t affected Google alone. Earlier, reports of delay in the production of the MacBook and iPad models was also reported. Similarly, Samsung has also hinted at a tough period during the April to June period for the company. Microsoft and Sony are also struggling with the same for their Xbox and PlayStation consoles respectively.

The Google Pixel 4a continues to sell at a price of Rs 31,999 in India on Flipkart. The Pixel 4a competes with the Apple iPhone SE and impresses with its still photography capabilities. The Pixel 4a 5G is essentially a watered-down variant of the Pixel 5 and is only sold in global markets

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