If you have just bought the PlayStation 5 and are seeking ways to expand the storage, there’s good news. A Sony spokesperson has confirmed that it will bring support for M.2 SSD storage expansion on the PS5 console later this with a software update. The expansion support will allow players to install PS5 titles on the SSD drive instead of installing it on the system storage. The PS5 currently allows only legacy titles from PS4 and older models to run on external storage.

Along with support for storage expansion, the PlayStation 5 will also be able to run its cooling fan at higher speeds with this update. This is introduced in a bid to keep the system from overheating. The report comes from Bloomberg, in which a Sony spokesperson has revealed the plans. Sony is yet to confirm this officially yet.

PlayStation 5 update to solve common issues

The PlayStation 5 comes with 825GB of onboard storage and players only have access to 667GB of space for installing games. In an age where modern gaming titles weigh over 100GB, the limited storage space restricts the number of titles you can have installed at a time. It’s the same story with the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles.

Xbox Series X controller

The Storage Expansion slot on the Xbox Series X.

Since Sony is yet to announce anything on this front officially, it remains to be seen whether Sony goes the Microsoft way of limiting specific kinds of storage drives for the PS5. In the Xbox Series X and Series S universe, the only way to expand your storage is by purchasing the Seagate Storage Expansion Card and putting it in the dedicated slot. The Seagate solution offers 1TB space for game installations on the new Xbox consoles.

As of now, the Xbox Series X offers the most amount of onboard storage space of any modern-gen gaming console. The PS5 comes second with its 667GB storage while the Xbox Series S offers sub-400GB storage. Microsoft’s storage expansion solution will set you back by Rs 23,499 in India.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles are available in limited stocks in India. Sony has so far held a single sale for the PS5 regular version, costing Rs 49,990. Microsoft has held several sales for the Series S and Series X consoles, although the Series X is still difficult to land. Both consoles were formally announced in India in November 2020.

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