It seems like the gaming companies Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are competing with each other in releasing their own reveal event where games are being showcased on live streams. Microsoft did it with their Inside Xbox shows and Nintendo did it as the Nintendo Direct streams. And to that effect Sony took it up and released its own PlayStation State of Play stream where it has just announced quite a few exciting things like VR versions of games that include Iron Man and No Man’s SkySony has announced that it will be holding such streams on a regular basis in 2019.

The event started off with the reveal of Iron Man VR which will let players don the mantle and armor of Tony Stark and blast off villains with the suit in first person. Space simulation game No Man’s Sky is also present in the VR games list and players will be able to play the VR version that will be added with the No Man’s Sky: Beyond update which is coming this summer.

Another game that made an appearance is Ready Set Heroes which is set to release sometime this year and a British crime title Blood and Truth also made an appearance which got a release date of May 28. The other VR titles that Sone will be bringing this year are, Minimech, Jupiter and Mars, Trover Saves the Universe, Everybody’s Golf VR, Table of Tales, and Vacation Simulator. The stream happened to show other VR games as well which included ObservationFive Nights at Freddy’s and Concrete Genie.

Besides VR we also got a look at some of the console regular games that will be coming which included Days Gone, that now has a release date of April 26, 2019. Even Mortal Kombat 11 got some screen time that showcased some characters.

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