PM Modi confers blockchain-based degrees at IIT Kanpur’s 54th convocations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attended the 54th convocation ceremony of IIT Kanpur wherein he issued digital degrees to the students. What is special about these degrees is that they use the institution’s in-house Blockchain-based technology for providing digital degrees to students.

Speaking at the event, PM Modi advised the students not to choose comfort over challenge.“Whether you want it or not, there are bound to be challenges in life. Those who run away from them become their victims. But if you are looking for challenges, you are the hunter and the challenge is the hunted,” PM Modi said at the convocation ceremony at IIT Kanpur.

PM Modi also advised the students to keep sensitivity, curiosity, imagination and creativity alive in them. He also encouraged them to be sensitive towards the non-tech aspects of life as well. “When it comes to sharing of joy and kindness, do not keep any password and enjoy the life with an open heart,” he added.

Speaking to the students, PM Modi said that a lot of time had been wasted since India completed 25 years of independence. “When the country’s independence completed 25 years, by then we should have done a lot to stand on our feet. Since then it is too late, the country has lost a lot of time. In between, 2 generations have passed. so we don’t have to lose even 2 moments,” he said.

The Prime Minister also touched upon the subject of the possibilities that current technologies such as AI, energy, climate solutions, technology in health solutions and disaster management present to the professionals today. “These are not just your responsibilities but are the dreams of many generations which you have the good fortune to fulfill. This time period is for deciding on ambitious goals and pushing with all your might to achieve them,” he added.

In addition to this, PM Modi also talked about India’s startup culture in India. He said that in this 75th year of independence India has more than 75 unicorns, more than 50,000 start-ups. Of these, 10,000 have come only in the last six months. Today India has emerged as the second-largest startup hub in the world. Many startups have been started by the youth from IITs. “Which Indian would not want Indian companies and Indian products to become global. One who knows IITs, knows the talent here, knows the hard work of the professors here, believes this IIT’s youth will definitely do it,” he added.

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