Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account was hacked earlier this morning. The official account of PM Modi was posting donation requests for the National Relief Fund via cryptocurrency. The account was later recovered and those tweets have been removed from the timeline. According to reports, Twitter is actively investigating the incident and has taken steps to secure the account.

“We’re aware of this activity and have taken steps to secure the compromised account. We are actively investigating the situation. At this time, we are not aware of additional accounts being impacted,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

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The hack happens just a day after the Indian government banned an additional 118 apps of Chinese origin from the mobile ecosystems. Popular online game PUBG Mobile was among that list and in the weeks to come, the game will be removed from the app stores. Players won’t be able to play the game even if they have it installed. You should note that there’s no link found yet between the PM Modi Twitter account hack and PUBG Mobile’s ban in the country.

Chinese apps banned again

Yesterday, the government of India released a list of 118 apps and games set to be banned from the next few weeks. The list includes several clones of TikTok and other dating apps of Chinese origin. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are part of that list and will be banned as well. The government states it has done this to “safeguard the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet users. This decision is a targeted move to ensure safety, security and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace.”

The game was previously banned in Nepal in order to prevent addiction in your players. The game has been long critcized for causing mental and physical harm to the players of all ages. After hundred of van requests from parents over the tow yeast of its existence, the game has finally been banned.

However, the reason for PUBG Mobile’s ban is more related to the ongoing border disputes with China than its effects on individuals. In fact, there are several alternatives to PUBG MOBILE that you can play in the country right now without worrying.

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