Once a Xiaomi sub-brand, the Poco lineup of devices has now become sort of an independent identity. After launching a couple of smartphones following last year’s Poco F1, the brand will be launching a new pair of truly wireless earbuds. These will now be called the Poco Pop Buds.

Poco decided to enter the market of accessories not so long ago. The company took to Twitter for a vote on what product people would like to see next. The choices also included a wearable and a gamepad. A pair of TWS earbuds was chosen and that is how the making of the Poco Pop Buds began.

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In a similar fashion, the company used Twitter a couple of days ago again to take a vote on what the new Earbuds will be called. Over 21,000 users voted and the Poco Pop Buds was ahead in the race with 42.4 percent votes. Meanwhile, the Poco Funkz stood at 27.9 percent votes. The Poco Move Buds was third at 23.9 percent votes while the Poco Klip Buds name was only chosen by about 5.8 percent users.

Poco has so far been rebranding Xiaomi devices from home country China to India and other countries. The Poco X2 was actually a rebranded Redmi K30. Similarly, the Redmi K30 Pro was rebranded as the Poco F2 Pro. We hence expect the Poco Pop Buds to also be a pair of rebranded Xiaomi TWS earbuds.

Poco Pop Buds could be the Mi Air Dots 2 SE

The most likely candidate here is the Xiaomi Mi Air Dots 2 SE. The earphones were recently revealed in China. Unlike the non-SE variant, the Xiaomi Mi Air Dots 2 SE supports just the AAC audio codec instead of LHDC. There is Bluetooth 5.0 and signals are transmitted to each earbud. This offers a more stable connection.

Further, the weight of each earbud is just 4.7 grams and they offer 5 hours of battery life. The 48 grams case further adds another 20 hours of battery life. The case and buds take an hour and a half to charge completely. Xiaomi also recently brought the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 as a separate product which is a higher-end TWS option. Hence, it is possible we see the toned down Mi Air Dots 2 SE as the new Poco Pop Buds in India.

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