Pokémon GO remains the most popular augmented reality game till now. The app designed by Niantic, not only proved the promise of augmented reality, but forced companies to build platforms around it. While Niantic has launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as a follow up to its AR gaming, Pokémon GO still shines bright. In order to keep it interesting, Niantic had added new features as part of update. The latest update to Pokémon GO adds Shadow Pokémon to the game.

The Shadow Pokémon are not different from their regular counterparts. But they try to be stronger for their trainers. These Pokémons know frustration, which could be damaging if a Pokémon dislikes you but there is a solution. The solution is to purify these Pokémons from their shadows and it will turn into Return. Here, the Pokémon does more damage if it loves you more. If you are fascinated by the idea of these new Pokémons, here is how to get them and then purify them.

How to get a Shadow Pokémon?

While the idea of Pokémon GO is all about catching Pokémons, finding a Shadow Pokémon is not that easy. In order to catch one, you will need to go to a Pokestop that has been taken over by Team Rocket. Once there, you will have to battle the grunt and if you win, you stand a chance to catch the ones being used by them.

How to purify the Shadow Pokémon?

If you have successfully caught the Shadow Pokémon, then your immediate step would be to purify it. This requires you to simply hit the button on the information screen of the Pokémon. The process of purifying the Pokémon is simple, but it costs dust and candy. Niantic has an active list that shows which Pokémon can be caught as Shadow Pokémon as of July 22, 2019. The difference between a purified one, and Pokemon caught by you lies in their evolution.

The purified Pokémon costs less candy to evolve and also takes less dust to power up. They also understand Return, which is a normal type attack. They also get IV boost when powered up and Polygon notes that each stat goes up by two when purified.

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