Whether you get prepaid or postpaid, it becomes a task to make the conversion from one to the other. COAI, or Cellular Operators’ Association of India, knows the same and is suggesting a change to the Department of Telecom (DoT). Instead of going through the KYC process at the operator’s outlet, all one would need is an OTP to make the conversion within 30 minutes. That too without changing SIM cards!

The COAI has proposed the concept to the DoT, in which the latter has asked operators to submit a Proof of Concept. The final decision will rest on the outcome of the proof of concept, say DoT in an official note. The process will eliminate the tedious task of KYC and new SIM cards, thereby making for a contact-less way to change connection types.

Prepaid-to-postpaid with OTP

OTP based authentication has become an acceptable norm in all sectors in the recent past and most of the citizen centric services are being offered with OTP authentication. Contactless services in the present era are to be promoted for subscriber convenience and also for ease of doing business,” the note from COAI said.


Theoretically, this is what customers will be required to follow if the process is approved.

– Interested customers will need to send a request to their service provider via SMS, IVRS, website or app.

– The customer will then receive a confirmation for initiation of the process, followed by a transaction ID and an OTP, both of which will be valid for 10 minutes.

– Once the OTP is provided, the customer will be communicated the date and time from when the conversion will be active.

– During the process, a maximum tolerance of 30 minutes is present in case the there’s a disruption in the service.

– As part of the process, there will be no change in the ownership of the connection. Moreover, customers won’t need to change the SIM card anymore.

– The process will be valid for conversions from postpaid to prepaid, and vice versa.

The COAI includes operators like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea. Hence, you can expect all these operators to start the process as soon as DoT gives the green light.

At the moment, there is over 90 percent of mobile subscribers choosing the prepaid service. With an easy conversion process, operators can hope to get more of their customers to make the jump to postpaid, which is beneficial financially for them.

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