Continuing with the trend of new Prince of Persia leaks and content being leaked, a new gameplay video of a game called Prince of Persia Redemption from 2012 has surfaced. This game which was apparently cancelled by Ubisoft shows a short haired protagonist who might be the Prince. This prince exhibits powers of the Sands of Time and takes down enemies in just as much style. What is really fascinating is that this clip was on YouTube since 2012 and yet nobody noticed it.

The LinkedIn profile of one Christophe Prelot states that he was apparently a 3D level artist on a cancelled Prince of Persia game. This game was set for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It is highly likely that this video is from that cancelled game. More validation came when in 2018 Ubisoft assistant technical director Marc-Andre Belleau left a comment on the video saying, “Where did you get that?!”

The rumors of a new Prince of Persia game seems more likely by the day. Another new move from Ubisoft seems to confirm that something is going on with the popular series. This time Ubisoft has updated two main domains of the Prince of Persia game. The first one was updated on March 26 while the other one more recently on April 3. The latter date also coincides with the end of the For Honor event with Prince of Persia characters. We could be looking at an announcement from Ubisoft in this regard soon.

The Prince of Persia games were one of the most successful franchise from Ubisoft. It had a massive following and the Assassin’s Creed franchise was born as byproduct of the Prince of Persia series. But the Assassin’s Creed series became an even bigger entity and Ubisoft kind of just brought the Prince of Persia series to an unfortunate end. But there’s word on the winds that the company may be looking to revive the series.

The previous rumor comes from the fact that John Harker from ResetEra commented on this topic. He is known for posting about leaks, and he posted on the forums. Back in January someone on the forums asked about the best way to play the Sands of Time game. To this Harker replied, “Wait, not that long for the remake.” This was followed by another comment where someone asked if Prince of Persia Dark Babylon rumor was true. To this he replied, “Yeah, that’s not the next PoP release.”

And finally in March when Ubisoft released the Blades of Persia Event on For Honor. This was basically a crossover event. And after the recent VR room Prince of Persia Sands of Time addition, this is the second Prince of Persia themed event added by Ubisoft. And Harker pointed this out and commented, “I wonder if all of this is building toward something.”

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