Yet another Microsoft Windows 10 update is causing people issues. The Windows 10 KB4549951 update is the one under the crosshairs now. While on some computers, the update will simply fail to install, on others, it is breaking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Other users have also reported seeing major slowdowns of their systems. Some users have even spotted the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death.

As per Windows Latest, the latest Windows 10 update also has a file deletion bug that will delete files from the user’s machine. A number of people took to various forums and Reddit to speak about the issues they are facing.

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Microsoft has not acknowledged any such issues with the new Windows 10 update. It is, however, worth mentioning that Windows 10 runs on over a billion systems globally. A small subset of devices and users facing such issues is understandable. That being said, while the issues usually don’t affect a lot of people, it is annoying for those who have to face the issues themselves.

Problems, like breaking the Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi connectivity or file deletion, is serious enough to break the workflow for many people. At a time like this when most of the world is under lockdown and working professionals are using their only devices at home to get work done, such issues can be more troublesome than usual.

How to uninstall the Windows 10 update and roll back

However, if you happen to run into one of these problems with the latest Windows 10 update, there is a way out. You may always roll back to the previous version. To do this, users can go to Windows Desktop Search and type update history. Proceed by selecting View your Update History. Once you’re on the next page, select the option called uninstall updates. On the new dialog window, look for the KB4549951 update and select the uninstall button. You can then restart your PC.

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