Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, or simply put PUBG, will soon be celebrating three years of the popular battle-royale title. The celebration includes the game’s first-ever community skin contest. This contest invites the players and non-playing fans of the game to create their own skins for various in-game items. These include hoodies, an M416 and even a parachute.

Interested users can download templates for the items from the game’s official website. Once worked on, fans can submit their work by posting it on their social media accounts. They must use the #PUBGSkinContest hashtag. Further, PUBG developers will select a few finalists. Then winners for each category will be selected through voting from the entire community.

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The winning designs will be distributed to all PUBG players without any cost. This will happen in March 23, 2020 when the game will complete three years. Meanwhile, all the finalists including the winners will be provided “special gifts for their impressive work.” Head over to the PUBG website now if you plan to join the contest or vote for a winner. Entries for the contest will be accepted between December 20 2019 and January 5 2020.

What is PUBG?

In case you aren’t well acquainted with the ongoing battle-royale gaming phenomenon, PUBG is a shooting game available for both PC and mobiles. The game gained popularity for its classic matches where 100 players are dropped with no guns or equipment on to an island. Players must scourge through the varying environments of the island including grass shrubs, rainforests, ruins and urban jungles to gather weapons and other equipment to survive. Moreover, as time passes, the play zone keeps getting smaller, forcing players closer to each other. Hence, players must kill everyone else except their own teammates to win.

Recent additions to the game have brought newer maps, weapons, equipment and skins. Now there are even various gaming modes that need not require the full 35-40 minutes of intense attention. A new Payload mode even added helicopters and weapons like RPGs to the game.

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