PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ in its last update added quite a few new features to the game. One of those new features in PUBG‘s new update 30 included a ping system. These features were teased in the development video from PUBG Corp. The new Ping System was one of the less talked about features. The feature has been termed as ‘Radio Message’ and will be hitting PUBG Lite as well soon. This was announced on the PUBG Lite official Facebook page. The message read, “Here I’m to reward you with some secret. I heard that a new feature “Radio Message” is coming soon, to help make your game play more convenient in the future. However, for now you hang in there and use tactical map marker for quick communication while waiting for radio message, Okay?”

New feature: Radio Message

PUBG recently introduced the Tactical Map Marker, which has been available on PUBG Mobile for a while. The default button is the mouse wheel, which will open the Tactical Map Marker UI. For now, there are eight types of messages that can be sent. Players can ping items and enemies on the map as well now. This system was initially introduced by Apex Legends on PC battle-royale games, and players took to it really well. This feature became so popular that players from all battle-royale game, demanded that this be added. Fortnite added it soon after and now PUBG has obliged its players as well.

The other additions in this new update include The Desert Eagle or Deagle for short is the most popular handgun in video games, and now it is available on PUBG as well. The Deagle is a handgun that deals the most damage among pistols with great muzzle velocity and will be spawned on all maps. Deagle can deal 62 damage per shot, and take both red-dot and holographic sights. It can take a laser sight that improves hip fire accuracy. It has the most recoil among all the pistols. The Deagle uses .45 ACP ammo and the standard magazine fits 7 rounds and the extended one 10.


PUBG also added a Ledge grab feature allowing players to climb up the edge of roofs, fences, and obstacles up to 2.5 meters high, and jump from building to building or container to container. Players just need to jump towards an open ledge and the character will grab on and climb up. To use this feature, players will have to jump towards a ledge and keep pressing space bar, or press it at the right time. We expect these other features to come to PUBG Lite soon as well.

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