The newest game variant of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is PUBG Lite on PC. PUBG Corp launched this game earlier this month in India after teasing it last month. The game is available in beta right now, but almost anyone can play it. The game is essentially similar to the other versions. But we will be talking about how to go about looting in the most exciting map in the game. Sanhok is the smallest map in the game and has the quickest games. Check out these tips.

Fast-paced fighting from the start on Sanhok map: Bootcamp and Paradise Resort

This one is for the players that like to engage in fighting from the get-go. Such players can go to Bootcamp or Paradise Resort, both of which are located centrally. The chances that the initial play area will include these two spots is high. And these being large locations with many buildings also ensures that there are plenty of weapons, ammunition and armor around. Therefore, you won’t have to quickly move after landing.

However, these advantages are fairly well-known, so you’re likely to find a lot of players landing with you. Much of the initial fighting tends to take place in these two locations. And you’ll have to move fast and be very alert to survive the early onslaught. If you succeed at either of these locations, you’ll have a distinct advantage. This will include a high number of kills and good supplies for the rest of the game.

Good loot, maybe a bit of early fighting: Quarry, Ruins and Pai Nan

These three locations generally provide good supplies. You’ll likely find not only automatic weapons but also sniper rifles such as the SKS and SLR rifles here. While not entirely at the center of the map, these three locations are generally well-located. They have good visibility, allowing you to quickly move out if you find the circle closing far away.

However, you’re likely to have at least a handful of others land with you at these locations. Provided you’re quick to acquire weapons and find a good spot to attack, you’ll be able to take out a few players. However, the openness of these three locations also means that visibility is high and you’re likely to be spotted while moving around.

High-risk, high-reward: The various named towns and camps around the edges

Landing at any of the named towns and camps on the outer coasts of the island carry a certain risk, but also come with rewards. A lower number of players land in these locations, thereby giving you a chance to collect supplies early on to take into the latter part of the game, giving you a better chance to make the top 20. However, being on the edges of the map means you need to move fast, as the circle will immediately start closing and has a lower likelihood of including these outer locations.

If you find yourself needing to move fast, you’ll want to seek out a vehicle. Fortunately, these outer locations tend to also provide at least some kind of vehicle for you to move quickly. However, the topography of the Sanhok map makes vehicles suitable only on the roads, in order to make quick getaways or reach the safe zone.

Quiet locations on Sanhok map: Various unnamed hamlets and the temple on the hill

If you’re looking for a quiet, calculated start away from the initial onslaught, you’re best off picking any of the various unnamed hamlets around the map. These usually have just three or four huts, so you may have to move from hamlet to hamlet gathering supplies. But the chances of encountering other players are low, and you can prepare yourself for the latter part of the game and increase your chances of winning the ‘chicken dinner’ on Sanhok map.

Another interesting and relatively undiscovered location is the temple on the hill. Located just to the east of Camp Alpha on the western part of the map, this unnamed location usually provides good supplies with very few others landing here. However, the hilly terrain and steep cliffs mean that you need to be a bit more careful when moving around this area, and depending on the safe zone, you may even have to move out quickly.

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