PUBG Corp and Tencent Games have just announced the official roll out of the 0.13.0 update for PUBG Mobile. As part of this update, PUBG Mobile will get a 4v4 deathmatch mode for fast-paced fights. The developer has also rolled out Godzilla: King of the Monsters-themed rewards, and improved game controls. The theme is introduced as part of a collaboration between Godzilla: King of Monsters and PUBG Mobile. It also features a new third-party anti-cheat system, achievement challenges, and new social features. In addition to the themed rewards, a number of thematic events will also take place in the game.

According to the detailed changelog, PUBG Corp and Tencent Games have introduced unique control setting. This setting corresponds to the First-Person Perspective (FPP) and Third-Person Perspective (TPP) separately. As part of the improvements, the new update comes with a new button dedicated to climbing or vaulting. Details also reveal that the update introduced footprints in Vikendi Map so that players can track their enemies. PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update also comes with improvements in cheat detection. This will prevent the bad apples from rigging the system with the help of emulators and modifiers providing fair competition.

The new update also brings “in-game” trials for a new team deathmatch mode. As part of these challenges, players can test themselves for interesting challenges including initial and final kills, number of victories, and more. Beyond this, the new update also brought improvements and changes to the overall experience of the game. As part of this change players can now boast their achievements such as MVP (Most Valuable Player) showcases at the end of the game. Tencent Games has also improved the portable closet system in the game and introduced popularity gift rewards. Other changes include charisma ratings, and so much more.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Management System

The company also revealed that it has introduced a new “Gameplay Management” system. This will allow players to achieve a “balanced”, and “sustainable” experience. To enable this, players will need to confirm that they are 18 years or old. This will provide users with pop-up notifications about the amount of time spent gaming, and reminders about rest from PUBG Mobile. The company has already deployed this system in some areas including Asia, and North Africa. The company is planning to introduce this in more markets soon. The update is rolling out now and you should head to the Play Store app on your smartphone to download the new update. In case you can’t see the new update then don’t worry as it should reach in a day or two.

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