PUBG Mobile 1.5 update RPM2 giveaway: Royale Pass giveaway event date, rewards, and more

PUBG Mobile 1.5 update RPM2 Royale Pass- PUBG Mobile developers introduced a new Royale Pass System last month. In line with the change and following the new cycle the developers have come up with Royale Pass Month 2 (RPM2) as part of celebrating the PUBG Mobile 1.5 update.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 update RPM2 Royale Pass giveaway

As mentioned, PUBG Mobile Royale Pass was replaced with Royale Pass Month with each RPM now running for a month. With the change, players will now be able to try monthly in-game challenges and grab rewards. The RPM2 will be released later this week and PUBG Mobile has dropped a teaser showing what to expect in the new Royale Pass Month. The Royale Pass Month 2: Project 2 will likely include new weapons and skins.

“What do you want to see most in RPM2? 🤔💭 Let us know in a retweet or comment below, tag your friends, hashtag #PUBGMRPM & you could win an RPM2 Elite Pass! 🎫🎉 ✳️ Make sure to join the Group Purchase Perks event too! ✳️,” the tweet reads.

The RPM2 Royale Pass giveaway will begin even date is scheduled from August 10 to August 13. As cited by Insidesport, here’s how PUBG Mobile players can enter the giveaway event.

-One can enter the event by sharing or commenting on the new Royale Pass feature video once it hits the PUBG Mobile official social media channels.

– In the comment section mention the rewards that you would like to see in the new RPM and tag your teammates.

-Next up, use the hashtag #PUBGMRPM, and then you will officially enter the event.

As for the rules and prizes of the event, a total of 20 winners will be considered for this event. Winners will be picked randomly by the PUBG Mobile community team and the winners will receive a Royale Pass Elite upgrade card. In case a community member is found using multiple accounts to win the rewards, the entries for the event will be disqualified and they may even get banned from further entering other PUBG Mobile events in the future.

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