PUBG Mobile is definitely among the biggest games in the mobile world right now. It has been a year since it launched, and it’s popularity is still soaring. This is quite the achievement for any game, especially one that has been released on mobile. Mobile game typically don’t have a really long shelf life, but PUBG Mobile is different. We can only assume as to the reasons for this. One of the most valid reasons for this is that the developers at Tencent Games are constantly bringing new content to the game. But as much fun as the game is, certain actions of players do result in a PUBG Mobile account ban. And today we will be taking a look at the things that can result in your account getting blocked or banned.

Temporary PUBG Mobile account ban

Team killing or TK

There are two essential kinds on account bans in PUBG Mobile, a temporary one that lasts two to three days. The other kind is the permanent one where players can be banned anywhere between 10-100 years. Frequently killing teammates can get you banned. Those who think this is fun need to remember that even allies can report you. The ‘User report’ feature is for both allies and enemies. Getting a team kill ban usually lasts for a couple of days, but multiple cases will stack up time.

Inappropriate behavior and language

One of the foremost issues with gaming is people abusing others, and this can have extremely negative effects. But PUBG Mobile has the option where players can report others for being abusive and for inappropriate behavior. This again results in a temporary ban, but can stack up to greater punishments.

Permanent PUBG Mobile account ban

Using hacks

Using hacks comes under a permanent ban category, and PUBG Mobile really looks hard at this. The game claims to have a very strict anti-cheat system, and it will detect if you are using hacks and cheats. Once recognized, the ban will be a very long one. This would mean all the hard work by you will be wasted.

Bug abuse

Abusing known bugs to get an advantage over others in a game is considered a serious offence by the devs. PUBG Mobile accounts found to be abusing bugs will be permanently banned by the devs. These bugs include looking through certain walls by leaning into them and other such things.

Using third-party apps

Using third party apps is also a serious offence, and can land users in a lot of trouble. This offence when detected, usually earns players a long ban. Third-party apps are those that usually enhance performance or help players get a better interface.

Getting banned on PUBG Mobile is actually not that easy, especially if users stick to the basic rules of ethics and legality. Using backdoor options and shortcuts are basically the things that get people banned in games.

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