PUBG Mobile is by no doubt, one of the most popular smartphone games in the Indian market. The Battle Royale game took the country by a storm in 2018 months after the initial launch. Over the years, the game has cemented its position in the Indian market with more accessible mobile internet. In fact, India is the most engaging market for PUBG Corp, the company behind the game. As per a recent report, Indian users have installed the game about 175 million times since the launch.

The 175 million number accounts for about 24 percent of the total downloads. While the game is extremely popular in India, the country is not the top revenue generator for PUBG Corp. Beyond the numbers, the game has been in the spotlight for a number of good and bad reasons over the years. These include the times when it was banned in different states or cities, to in-game purchases and even hackers. Unlike the past couple of times, today, the game is back in the limelight for the worst. Let’s check out the details regarding a new report sharing the worst regarding PUBG Mobile here.

PUBG Mobile back in news for bad reasons; details

According to a report from Dainik Jagaran, a PUBG Mobile-related incident of violence surfaced online. Taking a closer look at the report, a college student from Jalandhar shot himself after a fight with his family. The student took this extreme measure after his father snatched his smartphone stopping him from playing the game. As per the report, the father-son duo had multiple fights over playing the popular battle royale game in the past.

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The report outlined that the father was concerned regarding the academic performance of his son. Further, the information notes that the student took his fathers’ licensed revolver to go ahead with the unthinkable. It is worth noting that the report provides conflicting information regarding the deceased along with some details of the incident. In the beginning, the source notes that the student was a final year BBA student while later it notes that the student was a B.Com student.

This report also notes that the parents had damaged his smartphone in the past and he took his fathers’ smartphone to continue playing PUBG Mobile. However, the second part of the report notes that this time they took his smartphone and refused to hand it back to the deceased. The report revealed that the student left a note before taking the extreme step. Regardless, this extreme incident is strikingly similar to another PUBG Mobile-related incident that we covered about two weeks back. It does highlight the importance of moderation while gaming.

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