PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile. It has already clocked in over 600 million downloads. PUBG keeps on rolling out new updates and features in order to increase the engagement score. Just yesterday, it started rolling out full contents of the PUBG Mobile version 0.16.0, which brings new game modes, maps, gear, and abilities.

Now, PUBG might soon get a new mode as well as grappling hooks, deployable shields, and other new interesting abilities. Noted leaker Mr. Ghost Gaming has shared a video showcasing the ability to use grappling hook, seen in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Players might soon be able to use grappling hooks to move across the map. The video shows that there will be a dedicated grappling hook on-screen button and a cooldown period of 20 seconds. Players will be able to quickly move around the map by just aiming and shooting the grappling hook.

Interestingly, PUBG Mobile users will be able to revive their teammates from what seems like a healing ray. The player might have to shot a ray of yellow light to quickly revive its gaming partner. Moreover, players will be allowed to deploy a shield, and one just has to tap on the separate button that deploys the extra piece of cover. Lastly, PUBG could also add the ability to deploy vending machine esque loot boxes. At the moment, it is unknown if these could be coming to the global version of the game.

Besides, the company is also soon expected to a PUBG Bluehole mode. As part of this mode, the company might introduce a new inner Blue circle or a second inner Blue zone. The second inner Blue zone or circle will push players to keep it moving throughout the length of the game.

The company shared mode details about the mode and conducted a limited test between December 5 till December 8, 2019. This mode will minimize campers and eliminate potential benefits for players already inside the safe zone and the ones outside. You can read the full story here.

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