The devs of PUBG Mobile introduced quite a few events and opportunities to win exclusive and thrilling goodies this season. With the new Ancient Secret Mode in August its unique aesthetics, lobby themes, puzzles and the super fun Boss fight, another event that has grabbed eye-balls is the Day vs Night event which is closely related to the latest theme, Ancient Secret Mode.

PUBG Mobile: Day vs Night Event details

Day vs Night is an exclusive in-game event that is slated to run up until 20th August 2020. The event is open to all, providing a level playing field to all PUBG Mobile users eagerly waiting to see what’s in store for them.

The Reward system is based on the completion of Classic Matches. Players are required to complete a given number of Classic Matches to earn exclusive rewards. The number of Classic Matches to be completed is mentioned in the event section.

How to play:

– Players must complete matches in Classic Mode to gain points and various rewards by accumulating in-game points.

– Your event status is refreshed daily at 00:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

– Night mode will automatically get activated after players complete 3 matches in Classic Mode every day.

– Players must then tap on Challenge in Night mode and complete the Challenge mission in any match in Classic Mode, in order to immediately gain a multiplayer bonus for points gained from matches on the same day.

– The Challenge mission must be completed before 22:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). Challenges completed after this time will not be counted.

– The multiplayer bonus can be changed on the screen at any time before the Challenge mission is completed, however it cannot be changed after completing the Challenge mission.

– The first wish you make in Night mode every day is free.

– Various exciting rewards will be available after a certain number of points are secured, including the Eternity Crate, which contains various gameplay skins and character sets.

Points and Rewards:

The points system starts from 10 points and goes onto 1000 points. Players can win a number of rewards like the Key, Ancient Coins, Feathers, and the Eternity Crate.

Here are the rewards available in the Eternity Crate:

– Golden Lock Parachute Skin
– Hot Pizza Backpack Skin
– Temple Guardian Set
– Golden Feather
– AG currency
– Ancient Coins

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