PUBG Mobile, which is the biggest battle royale game on mobile, earned outstanding amounts of revenue last year. Now, according to US app analytics firm Sensor Data, PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace have earned almost $4.8 million (Rs 33 crore approximately) a day for Tencent in the month of May. PUBG Mobile has been the biggest contributor to Tencent Games’ growth, and now it has been joined by Game for Peace.

The two games combined to generate an estimated $146 million in in-game spends by players during the month of May. Compared to the revenue earned by PUBG Mobile in the month of April, which is $65 million, there has been a 126 percent growth in the number. And this number excludes the revenue from Android in China. Diving deeper, PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace earned $101 million on Apple App store, and $45.3 million on the Play Store.

Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights, Sensor Tower wrote in a blog post, “App Store and Google Play users worldwide spent an average of $4.8 million per day last month between both PUBG Mobile versions.” He added, “The chief rival to both of Tencent’s titles, Fortnite from Epic Games, had its best month so far in 2019 on iOS, but its total player spending of $43.3 million was only about 43 percent of Game for Peace and PUBG Mobile’s combined take for May”

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In China, Tencent had recently shifted the userbase from PUBG to a more patriotic video game that has the regulatory approval needed to generate revenue. Tencent Games has been waiting for almost a year to earn the approval to earn money on PUBG via in-app purchases. Since it didn’t happen, the game has not been transformed into a one that has a more socialist tone to meet stringent government rules.

According to previous reports China’s App Store users spent more than $14 million on the new Game for Peace through in-app purchases in less than 72 hours of its launch. The new anti-terrorism-themed Game for Peace was launched and granted the monetization approval in April.

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