PUBG Mobile finally gets Karakin map: Demolition Zone, Sticky bombs and more new features

PUBG Mobile has finally been updated with the new Karakin map, which will replace the Vikendi map. The company announced the arrival of Karakin map to PUBG Mobile in a tweet.

“This definitely isn’t a prank – our brand new map KARAKIN is officially LIVE! Please enjoy this warm welcome from our unofficial tour guides,” the tweet read.

The new 2×2 map allows matches of short duration and only 64 players in a match. The map is themed after the desert realms of Miramar and set in North Africa. The Karakin map is already available for PC version of the game globally, but the mobile version has only launched now.

Ahead of the launch, the company put out several tweets, confirming the launch of Karakin map for PUBG Mobile officially on April 7, 2021.”Get ready to parachute into our hottest map yet on 4/7,” the company said in a tweet earlier this week.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

PUBG Mobile latest update: Karakin map features

• Given the Karakin is a small 2×2 map, which is almost half the size of Sanhok, players are in for a fast-paced battle. Also, players will have limited places to hide, which include large boulders and bunkers, which means players will be needed to keep changing positions.

• Among key features of the Karakin map is the Demolition Zone, which will change the layout with each match. In the Demolition Zone, bombarding will start suddenly after the siren rings. What’s interesting is the players will die even if they are hidden inside the building, which is not the case with red zones in other maps in PUBG Mobile.

• Sticky bombs is another feature to look out for as they can be used to break even walls. So, it makes it unsafe for players to hide behind walls as well.

• In the Karakin map, players will be able to shoot through thin walls as well.

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