Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile has become the most popular smartphone game this year and can be termed as the phenomenon of the year. The PC version of the game was launched last year, followed by the Xbox version in December. It was this year in March that that mobile version of the game was launched and it became an instant hit riding on the wave of the success and popularity of the PC version of the game.

PUBG Mobile, unlike its PC, Xbox and PS4 versions, is free to play and earns its revenue through the sale of weapon skins and other cosmetic items. But the game has the same core gameplay as the original version. This makes the game rather enjoyable and spontaneous with a different experience every time it is played. But one of the issues with PUBG Mobile is that it has a lot of controls that are spread throughout the screen. Hence it is always a big help if a gamepad or some such device is used to make sure all the controls can be reached in time to get that quick kill and jump over the wall before the enemy hits you.

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Here are 5 triggers and gamepads for mobile that will make it easier to play PUBG Mobile. Mind you, all of these work with most Android smartphones as well as Apple iPhones. The ones with the physical triggers up top will need to have the scope and fire buttons moved to the top of the screen in the settings.

Leoie Universal Mobile Game Controller Gamepad

Image Credit: Amazon India

Price: Rs 596

This gamepad is just a physical addition to the smartphone, and comes with two handles on each side and top triggers. The left side of the grip has a joystick which help move the character instead of directly touching the screen. This is an effective design that does not waste extra battery on Bluetooth.

PUBG Fortnite Mobile Game Controller

Image Credit: Amazon India

Price: Rs 749

This one is pretty similar to the first controller but the two handles are separate units and so are the top triggers. This can easily be carried around in the pockets.

HKI PUBG Gaming Joystick

Image Credit: Amazon India

Price: Rs 299

These are just a pair of triggers for the top of the phone, which make it easy to quickly tap the top of the phone by clamping onto the screen.

Hebrik™ PUBG Mobile Game Controller L1R1

Image Credit: Amazon India

Price: Rs 349

These are again just two triggers for the top of the phone to control two spots really quickly. But for those that have trouble reaching deep with the previous triggers, these ones actually extend outward to the edges of the phone and are a bit easier to handle, depending on your preferences.

Microware Ipega Pg-9025 Multimedia Bluetooth Game Controller

Image Credit: Amazon India

Price: Rs 2,999

This is full fledged gamepad controller which actually holds the phone on a telescopic stand and has the Xbox controller layout. This device needs to be connected to the smartphone using Bluetooth and comes with a rechargeable battery.

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