A few days ago, we did a report on how PUBG Mobile is still accessible in India despite an official ban implemented. Players can either follow some popular links shared via Telegram or use a VPN service to get access to official PUBG Mobile APK files from the global website. Moreover, we also found a vast number of Indian players already spending hours on online matches. It turns out that the Indian government is aware of the fact and could be taking steps to block access to the game.

In a tweet related to PUBG Mobile’s unofficial access within Indian airwaves, an RTI application has been shared with the government’s reply. BGR India cannot determine the authenticity of this RTI application but it seems to be a real one. If we have to take it seriously, then it seems that PUBG Mobile’s unauthorized access within India could be short-lived.

PUBG Mobile access within India possibly short-lived

The RTI application was filed back on October 28, 2020, while the reply to the same was given by December 1, 2020. In the report, here’s the government’s reply, “With reference to your RTI, it is hereby informed that MeitY is taking appropriate steps to ensure implementation of order of blocking of Games/Apps including PUBG.”

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If this report is indeed real, it has been over a month since this reply came and there’s any action on this front yet to be taken. The global version of PUBG Mobile is still accessible in India without the use of a VPN service. Last we checked, the game is running without any limitations and is synchronizing with social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter for saving the game progress online.

So far, the government is yet to come up with any solution regarding the ban on PUBG Mobile. We have often seen reports of Krafton trying to “unban” the game in India via several ways. Last November, there were reports of an Indian version of PUBG Mobile coming to India with a host of India-specific changes. The game is said to have India-specific in-game content and will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud services for storing data within India – the latter being the main concern behind the ban earlier last year.

As for the illegal access to the global version of PUBG Mobile, we urge players to refrain from playing the game until the ban is lifted. There are several alternatives to PUBG Mobile that are easily accessible within India. Some of the popular options include Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile, FAU-G (launching on January 26), and Garena Freefire, among others.

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