One of the biggest component to the action on PUBG Mobile is its sniping. Being able to snipe efficiently and effectively is one of the most feared skills on the battleground but if you master it, there’s very little that can come between you and that chicken dinner. While sniper rifles are equipped with a colossal range and power, you must be prepared to tackle the low magazine size and rate of fire. One missed shot can leave you vulnerable to enemies due to the extended timespan of a reload.

Here’s how to get better at sniping on PUBG Mobile

Snipers are not abundant:

Pick the right place to land, military area’s being key. This gives you an edge to spawn the Kar98K, M24, 4x scopes, and 8x scopes. However, these are also high risk areas, usually contested by many other players that are hoping to get high value loot just like you.

Get that Airdrop

To secure the big guns and powerful weapons ensure you chase the airdrops. But don’t forget that many players are chasing the crate. While they focus on the loot, be sure to snipe them from a distance to secure all the treats for yourself.

An unequipped sniper is as good as not having one

To truly reap the benefits of a sniper rifle you have to ensure it is well-equipped. Without a scope, the basic long-range functionality of a sniper is rendered useless. While the 8x will help you knock out opponents accurately, the lower range scopes help you scan a wider range. Be sure to get your hands on a suppressor and cheek pad for stealth and stability. Finally, get an extended quick-draw magazine, if your sniper rifle can accommodate one.

Perfect sniping position has its perks

Before getting your sniper into action, it is of essence to be mindful of your positioning. Snipers are an advantage if they are used from a long distance in a high-risk area and not of value if used for close-range shooting. Some good places to use as a base while sniping are watch towers, mountain tops, the roof of tall buildings or leveraging any position that gives you a higher line of sight over your opponents. Body positioning is also crucial while sniping, your stability is the ultimate decider of the accuracy of your shot. While going prone is helpful it can make you vulnerable to enemies. Crouching is your best bet as it ensures stability along with freedom of movement.

Be your own spotter

Every player for themselves is an essential tip to keep in mind whilst sniping. To be as precise as possible on the movements of your opponents it is imperative to keep alternating between your guns. A pro tip to keep in mind is to use your spotter attached with a 3x scope to scan the area, as it gives you a wider field of view and any movement made by your enemies is registered. You can use the assault rifle attached with a 6x scope to take out opponents as you are now aware of their exact placement. While the 8x scope is precise in its own right, it shows you a very small section of the map and should not be used to scan.

Adjusting for bullet drops while sniping

Accounting for bullet drop and tracking your target is important while sniping. You should ensure your target’s head is within your cross-hairs because even if you miss your shot, you most likely will manage to secure a body shot. In case your opponent is on the move, you should try and shoot a little of their current positioning as the bullet will cover the distance in time and secure your shot.

On the move 24X7

While sniping you must be always on the move. Even in between shots you shouldn’t be still as it makes for an easy target for ambush

Be what does not meet the eye

The chances of getting your hands on a Ghillie suit may be low but this is a true game changer while sniping. This will allow you to camouflage with your surroundings and snipe your targets one after the other until the chicken dinner is yours.

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