The last update that PUBG Mobile received is the 0.12.0 update in April of this year, and it is set to get a bunch of new ones soon with the 0.13.0 update. Game developer Tencent Games, along with Capcom, released the ‘Survive till Dawn’ mode and the ‘Darkest Night’ mode which is an evolved version of Zombie mode. And one of the features that was added in this update was the Spectator Mode, which as the name suggests, is a mode where players can see each other’s gameplay.

For example, if a member of your In-Game Friend List, Clan or Crew is playing a game and you are not in the team then you can still watch their match live. To do this, players will have to select a friend playing a game in the Friends List on the Home screen of the game and click on a circular icon next to their name. By doing so users will be able to see the friend’s game live.

Actually, this feature proves to be a great one in many ways. Through this, user can grasp and get a better understanding of their friend’s strategies and get better by just watching some gameplay. Besides this, the feature also helps in spending time while waiting for a friend to finish their game. But many players consider this feature to be a breach of privacy. It can either be that or just that you don’t want to give out your special strategies to others. If you feel these are justified reasons then we are going to tell you how to turn off this Spectator mode feature here. Follow the steps below, to turn off this mode, so that no person will be able to watch your matches.

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Turning off PUBG Mobile ‘Spectator Mode’

– Open PUBG Mobile game on your smartphone and wait for the loading process to end.

– When the Home screen finally appears, tap on the Settings (gear icon) to go to the setting area.

– Inside the game Setting look for the ‘Basic’ tab and tap on it.

– On the ‘Basic’ tab scroll downwards until you see the ‘Allow Spectator’ option.

– Select or deselect this option to either turn off the ‘Allow Spectator’ option or turn it on. After doing this, your matches will not be viewable by anyone other than the others in your in-game team.

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