PUBG Mobile‘s cosmetic items are coveted items even though they don’t have any direct effect on the gameplay. And Tencent Games has been making most of its profit by selling the in-game cosmetic items which have made the game extremely popular. And now the PUBG Mobile devs are taking a new step forward to please its loyal player base by asking them to register with their phone numbers which would reward the players with an Assassin Coat item which is essentially a black overcoat with a white shirt and a red tie.

This was announced on Twitter by the devs who tweeted, “Grab your FREE Assassin Coat by linking your mobile number in Lucky Shop.. #luckyshop #pubgmobile” As for the players who want to avail this offer will need to launch their game and when they reach the main menu will have to navigate to the ‘shop’ section of the game. Here players, will see that there is a another tab at the bottom left of the screen called ‘Lucky Shop’ and on clicking it, players will be prompted with a dialogue box which will show them that they are entitled to a free Assassin Coat item if they agree to register their phone numbers.

On clicking to agree with the procedure, another dialog box opens up where the player is asked to select their country code and input their phone numbers and then ask for a verification code, which will arrive via SMS. Once players input the code and agree with the terms and conditions, and move forward they will come to a blank screen which needs to be closed. Players may now go to the messages tab and will see that their new item has arrived and all they need to do is accept it. There is only about a week more left to claim this reward so we suggest players to avail it now.

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