The devs of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation, announced PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 recently. The PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 kicked off on July 1, 2019, and is sponsored by Chinese smartphone maker Oppo. The tournament will take place over a period of four months.

The PUBG Mobile India Tour (PMIT) has apparently experienced an overwhelming reception by the gaming community in India. The tournament will culminate with a national final in the month of October 2019. This four-month long tournament is one of the biggest and longest running esports event in India. With over 500 teams participating in the qualifiers, each offline regional final will host the top 20 teams filtered through points scored in the play-offs. Further games will determine the top 20 teams to head into the mega finals. Once the finalists for each regional final (Groups A, B, C, and D) are determined, regular PUBG Mobile players will get the opportunity to assist their favorite teams. This in turn will help them win cash prizes, through a specially designed voting system.

The devs have created the audience vote option so the regular PUBG Mobile players feel included in the action. There are mainly two ways the users get to vote – the first method is to purchase the India Tour crate, specially priced at Rs 39 to promote audience voting. This crate will provide users with 30 RP points, 10 UC, 1 India Bonus Challenge voucher, and 40 India Tour votes. Users can cast 1 vote a day, however there is no limit to the India Tour crates a user can purchase. The second method grants users 1 vote for signing-in 7 consecutive days, till the end of the whole tour. This way users can earn up to 12 votes if they sign-in everyday till the finale on October 20.

WATCH: OPPO X PUBG MOBILE India Tour | Group A – Online Playoffs – Day 5

The teams with the greatest number of votes, in each group in Jaipur, Guwahati, Vizag and Pune, will receive Rs 100,000 as the prize money at their respective offline regional final events. For the Mega finals, the prize money is Rs 600,000. This brings the India Tour prize pool close to Rs 1,000,000 basis the audience votes. 

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