Last week, the publishers of PUBG Mobile India released a bunch of teasers, announcing the game’s comeback after a long ban by the Indian government. A lot of hype is up around the game, which is evident from the discussions on social media and other forums. However, even before the game gets an official release, it becomes a victim of fake news. There’s a fake launch trailer that’s being circulated widely.

A trailer video is widely circulated on WhatsApp groups and that is claimed to be released by an official trailer. However, upon close inspection, it turns out to be a doctored video from an older trailer of PUBG. The video is edited to show new costumes and skins but in reality, the video is essentially a trailer from PUBG Survivor Pass Season 9: Highlands. In fact, you can still find the video online on the official YouTube channel.

PUBG Mobile India trailer not out yet


It is to be noted that PUBG Mobile India hasn’t released an official trailer for the game yet. The publishers did release a few teasers on its website that were out on its social media channels. However, not a single teaser of how the game looks or its features have been out yet. The game itself is yet to have a concrete launch date in India.

While the launch date is still a secret, there’s already a lot of other details about the game. The Indian version will customize the in-game content accordingly to suit the local demands. Therefore, you could see fully clothed characters while you begin your in-game career. The publishers have also promised more Indian-themed in-game content while some of the violent effects will be toned down. For storing data, it is said that PUBG Mobile India will rely on Microsoft’s platform in order to meet the government’s demands.

As for players on the previous global version, they will be able to transfer their game data and purchases to the Indian version. However, banned players from earlier will need to make a new account complete with a new player profile. Moreover, the game will have a total size of just about 600MB for its Google Play download package. Players can also only install those modes of the game that they want to play.

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