PUBG Mobile introduces new Jungle Prey set to Ancient Spin event

The dev of PUBG Mobile recently added a new event to the game called Ancient Spin. This new event has been added as a new section to the game and players can collect items by spinning the wheel. The rewards include weapon skins, costumes, parachute skin and even an avatar. The newest addition to this is the newly introduced Jungle Prey set to the Ancient Spin. This includes a new costume as well as headgear.

PUBG Mobile recently announced that the secret map that the developers have been working on is called Livik Map. This was only available in closed beta and now it seems that the devs have made it official. In a new tweet on the official Twitter handle, PUBG Mobile confirmed that the upcoming one is called Livik Map. Though there are definite visuals of the map in the image shares, the word ‘Livik’ itself seems to show elements of the map. And from that we can assume that it really is the same map.

PUBG Mobile: Update 0.19.0 details

We recently brought you a look of the PUBG Mobile secret map that the developers have been working on for update 0.19.0. This was only available in closed beta and the devs made it official recently on social media. PUBG Mobile confirmed that the secret map is called Livik Map. And now the developers have shared a new tweet which announces that the upcoming update 0.19.0 will be released on July 7.

We have played the new secret map which we expect to be the Livik map and though it was not the final version of the map. We found the map rather small and would make for some tight action. From what we have played it is apparent that the map is rather small, and could be 2x2km in size. This would make it the smallest map yet.

When experiencing the gameplay of Livik Map that will be added with update 0.19.0, right off the bat you will notice that it has elements from all the other four maps in each corner. There are some new weapons on this map as well, these include the P90 SMG as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun. The inclusion of these weapons along with how abundantly guns are available, goes to show that the devs want this to be an action packed map.

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