Battle royale game PUBG seemed to have staved off the assault for a while, but now again people are petitioning to ban the game. The last country to ban the game was Iraq. The authorities there considered it a threat to the minds of young people. The most recent country to ban the game is Jordan making it the fifth country to do it.

PUBG ban in Jordan

The government of Jordan has cited the “negative effects” of PUBG on the kingdom’s citizens. The game was extremely popular in the country and institutions have issued warnings to employees not to play it.

This move from the government has disappointed Jordanian gamers. A gamer from Jordan took to Reddit to express the disappointment. The person wrote, “This sort of hit me hard, on many levels. I realized that even though Jordan has probably a bit more freedom than most other countries in the middle east; the government still had the power to enforce an arbitrary decision as stupid as banning a video game; and there’s absolutely nothing that I, nor the many thousands of Jordanians who play PUBG, can do about it.”

Previously the Iraqi parliamentary committee submitted a draft asking for a ban of the game, which was passed and now the game along with Fortnite and eight other games are banned in the country.

As mentioned, Iraq is the fourth country to ban games like PUBGAfter Indiathe game was banned in Nepal by it’s federal investigation agency. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has ordered ISPs, mobile providers and network service providers to block PUBGRecently a report claimed that parents in the UAE are demanding a ban on the game citing reasons that it makes students aggressive and is in general a ‘bad influence on youth’.

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The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in India banned the game earlier this year for its personnel. The CRPF banned the game because it was apparently addicting and has affected the jawan’s operational capabilities. Gujarat government banned PUBG in the schools too.

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